Here’s Why Interracial Couples Have Better Sex

The history of interracial sex is a complicated and, at times, tragic one. Through the centuries, it involved racism of the lowest order, as well as some particularly nasty forms of colonialism. These days, interracial sex has become just one of the gazillion ways in which people engage in sexual activity and this has unburdened it. It has become fun, as it should have been from the start. And as most members of interracial dating websites will tell you, it is the best kind of sex you can hope to have.

interracial couple sex

Trying to put a finger on why a certain kind of sex is better than some other is an impossible task. Even if you somehow managed to get everyone who has ever had both interracial and same-race sex and asked them to give you their top 3 reasons why one kind is better than the other, you would still only have personal opinions and very subjective experiences to draw from. Since our goal on this website is to have fun, we will theorize.

The first reason why interracial sex is considered superior is the fact that most of us still grow up in ethnically and racially homogenous communities. Therefore, someone of the different race is automatically exotic. And even the least adventurous of people will agree that exotic sex, something you have never done before, is (almost) always a good thing.

This exoticness of interracial sex should not be equated with the exoticness in the Colonial sense of the word. It simply denotes engaging in sex with people who are unlike the people you grew up around and interacted with for the biggest part of your life. For example, if you grew up in a community where no one is over five foot tall, someone who was 6 foot would be exotic and sex with them would be something different for you.

It actually has very little to do with actual race. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is also a layer of “social exoticism” to biracial dating and interracial sex. For better or for worse, members of certain races are described as particularly physically endowed or voracious in the sexual department.

For some people, having sex with people that should conform to these racial stereotypes is a fantasy and fulfilling one’s fantasies is often an exceptionally pleasurable sexual experience. We will refrain from putting a moral value to the aforementioned facet of interracial sex, but it still had to be mentioned.

In some cases, interracial sex can also be a way of rebellion. For example, let’s imagine that you are a young man who grew up in a rather racially biased family (we could call it racist). There are still families like this in this country, do not be fooled. Around your 5th birthday, you realize that your family is wrong and that racism is pure nonsense but you still have to live with your family. They are your family.

Once you reach sexual maturity, you happen to get involved with a girl (or a boy, why not) who happens to be Asian or black. This kind of interracial sex will be all the hotter because it is something of a forbidden fruit. It is also a rebellion against backward cultural and racial norms that have no place in modern society.

There is also the curiosity factor involved in biracial dating and interracial sex, a factor that cannot be ignored. This is especially true for individuals whose sexual history has exclusively included persons of the same race. They are curious to find out if having sex with someone of a different race is truly different and whether there are new things to discover.

In the end, it is all about experiencing something that is still, for various social reasons, less common than same race sex. When the day comes there is the same percentage of interracial relationships as there is those of the same race, interracial sex will stop being a thing. We are a curiously simple species us humans.

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