The Dos And Don’ts Of Interracial Dating

Despite the fact that people have become much more tolerant over the years, interracial dating is still somewhat rare and exotic. As such, it is also riddled with traps that can ruin the experience for both persons involved in the budding relationship. Today, we will be talking about these traps, as well as a few things that you should do to improve the chances of your new relationship really making it.

interracial couple

Do Be Realistic

Relationships fail. It does not matter if they are interracial, if the couple are of a different status or if one of the partners is a time-traveling robot sent back to help humanity realize that robo-human relationships are super cool. Just because you are involved in an interracial relationship, does not mean it must work.

Do Make It About The Person

This brings us to our next ‘do’ and that is the fact that you should always, always, always date the person and not their race. If you are constantly concentrating on your partner’s race, you are doing it wrong. There is this thing people do of making a point of dating people of a different race. This is the same as making a point of not dating someone of a different race. Relationships are about people. Not about race.

Do Acknowledge The Differences

While science does not see race and while we shouldn’t either, it would be absolutely stupid to ignore certain cultural differences that might be completely sociological constructs, but which are still very real. In certain cultures (that can but do not have to be racially influenced), for example, flirting is done more directly than in others, or vice versa.

For example, some people will tell you that you should never expect an Asian girl to approach you first. This is just a crude example, but it paints a picture of the differences that are an integral part of biracial dating. Ignoring these differences is just as bad for a potential relationship as is making it all about them.

Do Learn About Another Culture

One of the greatest things about mixed dating is that you get to know another culture much better. In some cases, these cultural differences will not be as great as in some other, but more often than not, you will be expanding your world and learning more about an ethnic group that is different to yours. Why not take advantage of this? It will also help you if the relationship develops and you get to meet her or his parents and family.

Don’t Date Fetishists

They are the scourge of mixed dating – people who are living out certain fantasies they have about the people of another race. They are called fetishists and their motivations for visiting interracial dating sites are all wrong. The reason why you will want to avoid someone like that is that there is very little chance they will be serious about your relationship.

Don’t Hide

The worst thing you can do when dating someone of a different race is keeping it all under wraps because you are afraid of what others will think. You are right to be open about interracial dating. You are not making a mistake. If there is someone in your surroundings who might have a problem with this, they are wrong and you need to make that clear to them. Also, have you ever heard of a relationship that worked out perfectly after being kept a secret?

Don’t Change Yourself

When dating someone of a different race, some people start changing themselves to fit a certain profile that they think would be more successful with their new friends or family. This is a huge mistake and something you should never do. Unless you can be 100 percent yourself, something is wrong. If you need to change who you are just so this new person will like you, something is wrong. It may sound corny, but you should really only date people who like you for who you really are.

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