Why Interracial Dating Is Still A Taboo Topic

Interracial Dating Taboo

No really, why interracial dating is still a taboo topic? It’s difficult to write about something we find hard to comprehend but we will do our best. The answer is painfully obvious and it requires little explanation. It’s because people do not want to step out of their tribal beliefs. These are the same tribal values that have been passed down the generations for centuries and are wrong. Let’s be clear, they were wrong from the start, but since the world was a much different place back then we’ll give them a pass.

The problem is that people still think of such awful things and try to justify them with racist rhetoric. Rhetoric once you start debunking they get aggressive and you get nowhere. However, in our digitally connected world things are changing. The younger generations do not think that interracial dating is taboo. This concept is foreign to them as they see the world differently. So, we should really be precise with our wording here and say that this topic is taboo only in certain pockets of the country.

They’re not specific to any state, city, or town but to a need to define yourself as “morally right”. And you don’t have to justify your attitude with facts or reason, you just have to stand your ground and be stubborn. So, you might even say that a vast majority of people who don’t approve of interracial relationships are not racist but simply they don’t know any better. To make them see this topic in the right light, you will have to address this whole range of issues and not just the one we’re talking about today.

In fact, you don’t have to convince them of anything. Don’t focus on pointing out all the inconsistencies just explain that there’s a whole other way of looking at things. And a lot of people are a part of it. This means practically piggybacking your way into their brain and using tribal rhetoric to make them understand what’s going on. The sad truth is that some people will be so stubborn that they will never change their minds. Our next series of articles will focus on exactly this issue so keep checking our blog section. And don’t worry about strangers, just be happy.

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